What is The Homeostasis Protocol?

It is the title of the book published by our founder and CEO, Blake Sawyer. This book is the only resource in the world that teaches you about the 7 Internal Environments of the human body, and how to bring each of those 7 internal environments to their proper state – or balance, called homeostasis. Divine health is possible. It can only be achieved when the 7 Internal Environment are properly balanced (in homeostasis.) It also is the name of the protocol itself, or the actions you take, that teaches you how bring your body to divine health, or homeostasis, through balancing your 7 Internal Environments.

Does The Homeostasis Protocol ‘work’ for everyone?

A lot depends on what you mean by ‘work’, but YES, it does. Why? Because you are human. All human beings were designed with 7 Internal Environments. The greatest, most powerful THING you can do is bring your body to homeostasis. The reason so many, if not most ‘methods’ of health do not work, is because they do not address the 7 Internal Environments of the human body.

Why is The Homeostasis Protocol the KEY to divine health?

First and foremost, it is the truth. All other modalities that supposedly lead to divine health are incomplete at best and deceptively wrong at worst. Note: the VAST majority are the latter. You need to wrap your brain around the truth that sick people are: 1) beneficial to make money off of for the medical industry, 2) the medical industry is a money-making business, 3) the truth is suppressed for many reasons, 4) sick people (mentally and physically) are easier to control, 5) allowing the truth to be told would expose the fraud, the millions of unnecessary deaths, and culpability, and 6) there is an agenda, and it is NOT for you to be in charge of your own life. Imagine living your entire life without one doctor visit. Not one OTC (over the counter) or prescription drug. Not one ambulance ride to the hospital. Not one x-ray, CAT scan, or MRI. Not one day sick. Not one cold or flu. Never having a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or even toe nail fungus. Imagine. Now think about what would happen to your world if EVERYONE lived like that. The trillion-dollar health care industry would collapse. Only the military-industrial complex is bigger. More than 90% of all doctors, hospitals, clinics, specialists, pharmacies, etc. would no longer be needed. The only use for the medical establishment would be for injuries. Car accidents. A broken bone. Work and playground accidents. The US economy would collapse. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that disease is inevitable. It’s ingrained into our thought process. Since more than 90% of all Americans die of disease, and have for over the past 70 years, we believe that is the way it is going to be. If you do not die of a heart attack, cancer, or stroke in your 40’s or 50’s you’ll end up the last several years of your life in a nursing home, slobbering while staring out the window, with Alzheimer’s, not recognizing your kids or grandkids, heavily medicated so you do not cause any problems with the staff or other residents. The thought of living now, today, the rest of our lives, in divine health, free from disease and the medical establishment’s control over our lives is unthinkable. It does not compute. Yet, that specifically is WHY The Homeostasis Protocol IS the KEY to divine health. It is the truth that can set you free from the lies and bondage.

What does homeostasis mean?

The word ‘homeostasis’ means balanced. When your 7 Internal Environments are in their proper balance, you are in homeostasis. However, remember, it is not ‘black and white’. Meaning, it is not like a light switch, either on or off. There are millions of shades of grey between the colors of black and white. Using this analogy, we can say black is death and white is absolute divine health. The lighter shades of grey bring you closer to homeostasis in each of the 7 Internal Environments. The darker the shades of grey are, the further away from homeostasis you are, manifesting disease, aging, and major health problems.

I get literature all the time from companies selling products that say they can cure my disease or do something miraculous inside my body or brain. Why isn’t this true?

First, there are no singular products that can change all 7 Internal Environments. (Only ionized alkaline water comes close.) Second, unless a company UNDERSTANDS HOW the human body works, they are misleading you (with INCOMPLETE information.)

Homeostasis is obtained through a healthy life style, not a product or group of products. Even if you took the best 100 health products in the world, and yet you abused your body through drugs, alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle, junk food, chemicals, toxins, and other harmful activities, you could NOT bring your body to homeostasis. Your body would still manifest disease, aging, and illness. NOTE: There are a FEW, extremely beneficial natural ‘supplements’ in the world that work with bringing your body towards homeostasis. We know them, use them, and understand WHY they are needed.

What if I have a major health problem or disease. Can you help?

As we have stated multiple times, due to government laws, we cannot tell you how to cure, treat, or prevent any specific disease. What we CAN do, is help you bring your body to homeostasis, which is the very best thing you can do. Why? In homeostasis your body is in a healing environment. Harmful critters struggle to live in a human body in homeostasis. Since environment IS the KEY to divine health, it is easy to understand why bringing your body towards homeostasis is the very best thing you can do. NOTE: We do take on a limited number of clients who are willing to ‘go all in’ and do the Ultimate Homeostasis Protocol.

How do I contact you?

You may call us during our normal hours. 8am to 4pm CENTRAL time, Monday through Friday. You can call 24/7 and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible. PLEASE leave your name, phone number, and any brief message. Speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY. We love to help.

Can you explain WHY the 7 Internal Environments control everything?

The best way to do this is through example. Fortunately for us, there are 7 weather environments as well as 7 Internal Human Environments. The seven weather environments are: 1) temperature, 2) dew point, 3) barometric pressure, 4) precipitation, 5) wind, 6) sky – clear or cloudy, 7) humidity. Playing around with all 7 of these, we can create various weather conditions or environments. Each one is very important, and has extremes at either end of the scale or spectrum.

Environment is EVERYTHING. Visualize a rain forest and a desert. Environment determines everything. Whether there is life or not. How much life and what kind of life. Some deserts have no life, whereas some have a small amount. But a few snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, and thorn-covered cactus are nothing to be compared with the likes of thousands of species of flora and fauna in a rain forest. Nor can you compare a few living creatures per square mile in a desert with millions of living creatures per square mile in a rain forest.

Visualize a blizzard, a hurricane, the perfect day for a family picnic or the perfect day for kite flying. Those 7 weather environments do CONTROL everything.

Now think about southern California. It only rains in the winter. From late March or April until late in the year, around December, it does NOT rain. Most years, not even a drop. By late fall everything is bone dry. The trees in the forests have extremely low moisture content. Then come the Santa Ana winds. They come off the hot desert in the east and blow west through the mountains and forests. The temperature is hot. The wind is blowing. The humidity is extremely low. The sky is clear and sunny. No precipitation. Everything is bone dry. The PERFECT environment for forest fires. A spark, an ember, or sunlight shining on broken glass on the forest floor can set off a fire that will sweep through tens of thousands of acres, destroying hundreds of homes, killing people, wildlife, and everything in its path. Even with hundreds of firefighters, fire-retardant planes, and every known modern weapon to use against a forest fire. And still the fire destroys, kills, and burns. Why?


Likewise, if the environment CHANGES, the winds die down, the temperature drops, the humidity increases, and precipitation begins to fall, what happens? The fire puts ITSELF out. WHY? The environment controls EVERYTHING. What if that wet, cool, environment continues? Year round. Year after year. Southern California will begin to look more like Seattle and the Pacific Northwest than the desert of Southern California.

This is why you have tried so many different therapies, products, doctors, alternative practitioners, etc. that has NOT helped you. They did NOT address the 7 internal environments of the human body. Maybe the alternative health practitioner might have addressed one or maybe two of the 7, but ALL 7 need to be brought to homeostasis.

Addressing one of the environments, but avoiding the other six will NOT work. This is like thinking you are going to have a family picnic outside, yet the forecast calls for below freezing temperatures, heavy precipitation (snow), extremely windy condition (blizzard warnings) and you say we can still have a family picnic if __________ (one of the three environments: high wind, heavy snow, or low temps) doesn’t happen. Remove one but maintain the other two, and you can see why you will still not have a family picnic outside.

It would be like someone telling you all you have to do is detox the body and everything is ok. Or the key to divine health is to hydrate your body. But your body is still malnourished, or acidic, or hypoxic. You have to address ALL 7 of the Internal Environments to be in homeostasis: a healthy, healing, longevity, optimally functioning state.

The TRUTH is the key. And the TRUTH is: you have 7 Internal Environments that control EVERYTHING.

Understand NOW why ALL 7 Internal Environments are important? And your Internal Environment controls everything?

I have a lot of questions about Royal Velvet. Can you answer them?

How do I take Royal Velvet / PURE?

Shake the bottle vigorously.

While you are shaking the bottle, suck the saliva in your mouth and swallow two or three times.

Spray three sprays under your tongue and hold for 30 to 40 seconds. One minute is ideal. Then you may swallow.

Always try to take one dosage (three sprays) of Royal Velvet / PURE at night before bedtime. This dramatically helps the brain replenish neurotransmitters, which is the purpose of sleep, and allows you to think clearer, have more joy, improve memory, intelligence, and hand-eye coordination (athletic ability).

Take three sprays right when you get up in the morning. Take an additional three sprays two to several times throughout the day.

Recommended dosage: Adults should take 3 sprays 4 times per day. Seniors, athletes, and those chronically ill may take more. Youth (ages 13 to 17) may take 3 sprays 4 times per day, just like the adult recommended dosage.

The only ‘bad’ time to take Royal Velvet / PURE is directly after a meal. No harm is done, but the 97%+ absorption rate may fall to 70% or so.

Do not let the bottle be in direct sunlight or get above 125 degrees for extended periods of time. Do not refrigerate.

Store in a dark, cool place.

The more you take, the more efficient your cells function and replicate, and more profound results will be noticed.

When will I see results from taking Royal Velvet / PURE

Royal Velvet / PURE contains nearly two thousand different nutrients and constituents. These work synergistically together to repair damage, nutrify cells, aid organs and systems to function properly, and provide the building materials for the brain and other organs to manufacture hundreds of different hormones, neurotransmitters, and vital substances on a daily basis.

Over the past years it seems as though over 50% of the people who take Royal Velvet / PURE will notice some improvements within the first week or two. These include, (in order of the most reported benefits to the least), but are not limited to:

  1. Increased energy, endurance, stamina.
  2. Deeper more restful sleep. Feeling vitalized upon awakening.
  3. Improved mental clarity, memory, joy (less depression), handles stress better.
  4. Fewer aches and pain.
  5. Increased libido.

Again, not everyone will see all of these benefits right away. For example, if you do not have any aches or pain, there is no need to repair the damage in the body that causes them.

You ask when will you see results? You are receiving the benefits of taking Royal Velvet / PURE the moment you begin taking it! You just might not be feeling anything different at the beginning. There may be major repairs going on inside your body that do not manifest towards feeling anything different. If a large percentage of the nutrients are going towards repairing damage in tissues or organs, then it may take longer for you to feel the changes that other people may see within the first couple weeks of taking Royal Velvet / PURE.

Make sure you are taking Royal Velvet / PURE correctly.

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously.
  2. Suck the saliva in your mouth and swallow a couple of times.
  3. Spray 3 sprays directly under your tongue, then close your mouth
  4. Hold for at least 35 to 40 seconds, then swallow.
  5. ALWAYS take at least 3 sprays at night before bedtime. ALWAYS!
  6. Take 3 sprays at least 3 other times throughout the day.

Sometimes the changes can be subtle, not dramatic. We have had thousands of people call or email us and ask when will they begin to see results.  When we begin asking them questions, they think about it, then admit to improvements. You may not see the dramatic improvements that others see at first, but your body is changing for the better.

IF your expectations are high, you may be disappointed if the “feeling” type benefits do not show up first. You must be patient and let your body heal and change as it determines which things need to be repaired first.

Though Royal Velvet / PURE is very powerful, if you are taking drugs (illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter), you may see fewer benefits than those who do not take drugs. Drugs are toxic chemicals that destroy cells, damage tissues and the DNA, and overall wreak havoc in your body (especially in organs like the liver). The fact of the matter is you may be placing into your body more substances that destroy than Royal Velvet / PURE Pure can repair. (Think of an army of a million bad guys against an army of 100 good guys.)

How can Royal Velvet / PURE, all by itself, do all the things people report that it does?

In order to fully understand how Royal Velvet / PURE can do all the amazing things people and clinical studies report it does, you first must understand how the human body functions. A college degree in physiology would help. Since that would exclude most people, we have written something very pithy and informative that will instantly give you a greater understanding of how the human body functions.

An extremely condensed version:

Your body was designed to function optimally, IF you treat it properly.

  1. An analogy: your automobile was designed. It functions best when you put gas in the gas tank, change the oil, rotate the tires, and get a tune-up as recommended, etc. Imagine putting water in the gas tank and never changing the oil. It would malfunction and eventually stop running. Your body is the same. Ignore the ‘rules’ of how your body was designed and it will malfunction.
  2. Your body is made up of approximately 75 trillion cells.
  3. You create approximately 150 billion new cells per day. (To replace the old, dying ones.)
  4. These 150 billion cells do NOT come from thin air. You need building materials (read: nutrients) fed to your cells in order for them to correctly create new cells. Aging is the result of the body losing more cells than it replaces.
  5. Also, of utmost importance, the brain controls all bodily functions.
  6. The only way for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body is through neurotransmitters via the neuronal pathways in the Central Nervous System. Neurotransmitters are manufactured in the brain during sleep from very unique and specific combinations of nutrients.
  7. Nearly every person is lacking in many of the vital nutrients needed for optimal brain function and cellular replication.
  8. Royal Velvet / PURE  supplies the body and brain with these vital nutrients. Scores of these vital nutrients are not found in 99% of the typical American diet. Even if people consumed 100% PURE natural nutrition, most people would still suffer from the effects of malnutrition. Why?
  9. The vast majority of people have toxic colons, they do NOT absorb nutrients from the food they eat very efficiently. Royal Velvet / PURE BYPASSES the digestive system and enters the bloodstream within a minute of use, WITH 97% ABSORPTION! The highest possible percentage of absorption of nutrients you can receive from supplements (pills, tablets, caplets, powders, liquids…) is 10%, with AT LEAST 90% NOT being absorbed into your body, but excreted out of your body!
  10. Royal Velvet / PURE has been shown to increase cellular replication, increase the number of cellular divisions by 300%, protect the integrity of the DNA in each cell, and help the cells to function more optimally and last longer. This is why your body REVERSES the aging process and you look and feel younger after continued use of Royal Velvet / PURE.
  11. The only way for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body is through neurotransmitters via the neuronal pathways in the Central Nervous System. Royal Velvet / PURE Pure supplies the body and brain with these vital nutrients. Scores of these vital nutrients are not found in 90%+ of the typical American diet.
  12. Royal Velvet / PURE also dramatically increases the production of stem cells inside the bone marrow (where stem cells are made). This is one of the hundreds of reasons why people who have had major injuries, even spinal cord injuries, have experienced renewed life and dramatic healing.
What are the ingredients of Royal Velvet / PURE?

1 bottle Contains: 1 fluid ounce. (30 ml) This is approximately 180 sprays.

Each serving (3 sprays) contains: 16.5 mg deer antler velvet extract. Other ingredients: Purified water, Natural Lemon Flavor, Stevia Extract, xylitol, citric acid, lecithin, potassium sorbate.

NOTE: Royal Velvet PURE has the EXACT same amount of extract and ingredients of Royal Velvet, but does NOT have the 3 natural food-source flavorings: Natural Lemon Flavor, Stevia Extract, and xylitol.

What are the nutrients that Royal Velvet / PURE will supply to my body?

There are simply too many to list and name. Probably the most amazing substances are the Growth Factors. You may read about them here. Plan to be astonished, as the growth factors are absolutely the most amazing substances that your body uses to give you the highest quality and longest life possible.

Here are some of the life-changing nutrients found in Royal Velvet / PURE :

Royal Velvet / PURE contains an incredible array of nutrients, some of which are not available from hardly any other source. They include, but are not limited too:

-All the amino acids, including all the essential amino acids. It is impossible to have proper cellular replication without all the amino acids in near-perfect balance. (FYI: amino acids may be linked together almost indefinitely to form more than 50,000 different proteins and more than 20,000 known enzymes.)

-All the glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, dermatan, keratan, etc.) These nutrients and organic compounds are vital to the health of cartilage, joints, and bones. It is the loss of cartilage that starts the domino effect of stiffness, pain, immobility, etc.

-The growth factors (IGF-1. IGF-2, Transforming Growth Factor beta, and others.) Growth factors play the major role in the human body in repairing damaged tissue, wound healing, angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels), cellular mitosis (creation of new cells through cellular divisions), as well as many important bodily functions.

Dr. Michael Rosenbaum stated, “Velvet antler contains the missing link to longevity, something just not present in all the promising nutrition programs I have ever worked with. Its growth factors are a significant part of what makes it so special. Growth factors may be the only substances than can retard and even reverse aging.”

-Minerals, minerals, and more minerals. Nearly all known minerals. In the right proportions! Organic, third state, ionic, living complex minerals.  Entire books have been written about minerals and their benefits to the human body.

-Neurotrophin, nerve growth factors (NT-3). For survival and growth, neurons require these unique proteins. Very promising clinical studies and/or anecdotal testimonies are being reported with people needing myelin sheath repair, seniors with motor neuron problems, paraplegics and spinal cord injuries, as well as others, using nerve growth factors.

-Bone morphogenic protein – what stimulates bone growth and bone strength.

-Linolenic acid – the most important of all our essential fatty acids. The building blocks for brain and nerve cells, helps blood flow, decreases blood ‘clumping’, reduces inflammation, and more.

-Erythropoietin – promotes red blood cell production (increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood), protects the kidneys, prevents anemia, protects brain cells and tissue against hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and ischemia (restricted blood flow). NOTE: The main reason athletes do ‘blood-doping’ (re-injecting blood back into their bodies) is to increase erythropoietin in the blood.

-Hyaluronic acid has received widespread positive publicity. Even ABC’s PrimeTime did a special on it titled, “Fountain of Youth”.

Whether or not hyaluronic acid is what Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for, is up for debate. (We believe it is only one component of many in the quest for “eternal youth”. The Protocol contains most of the remaining components, making up the powerful synergistic approach to slowing down and even reversing the aging process.)

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has been shown to have the following properties:

  1. HA holds water in the body.
  2. HA acts as a lubricant in the heart valves.
  3. HA is the spongy shock absorber at the ends of bones.
  4. HA holds most of the moisture in the skin.
  5. HA makes up 80 percent of the human eye.
  6. HA provides a barrier against the spread of infection.
  7. HA helps to erase fine facial aging lines and wrinkles.
  8. HA can produce scarless wound healing.
  9. HA has antioxidant properties.
  10. HA detoxifies the body.
  11. HA provides form and shape to the body.

-Phospholipids, proteoglycans (promotes healthy joints and cartilage), nucleotides (RNA and DNA anti-aging properties), prostaglandins (lipid regulator), polyamines (assists DNA replication), gangliosides (promotes memory and learning functions), and so many, many more.

Time and space simply does not allow us to present to you all the incredible nutrients found in Royal Velvet / PURE, along with their amazing benefits. There simply is no other food source on earth that contains this many different beneficial life-enhancing nutrients.

There are so many testimonies of people seeing dramatic age-reversing benefits, such as grey hair returning to normal color, wrinkles disappearing, body shape more like a person 30 years younger, brain and mental changes, joy, better memory, and on and on. How can this be?

Royal Velvet / PURE is famous for many things, but probably ONE of the most dramatic things it can do is reverse the aging process.

One of the top cancer doctors in the world, Dr. James Forsythe, has written a book (published in 2012) describing how you can reverse the aging process. Suzanne Somers (“The Face” of perpetual youthfulness and anti-aging in America) wrote the forward to the book.

“Anti-Aging Cures – Your Key to the REAL Fountain of Youth – Life Changing Secrets To Reverse The Effects of Aging”.

In his book, Dr, Forsythe mentions a few ways you can actually reverse the aging process. Royal Velvet / PURE is THE easiest (no injections), most cost effective (nothing comes close), and powerful way to reverse the aging process. Period. (it does more than reverse the aging process, it repairs damage, improves brain function, strengthens the body…)

For one of the premiere doctors in the world to write a book about the “secrets” to the fountain of youth, staking his reputation on what he promotes, you know that Royal Velvet / PURE is the real thing. Thousands upon thousands of seniors (and “middle-aged” people) have seen the astounding results using Royal Velvet / PURE. For less than $100 per month and only 4 minutes per day, seniors can receive dramatic life-changing benefits from the use of Royal Velvet / PURE.

Can we get a bit ‘preachy’ with you? If you are over the age of 35, PLEASE think about this:

You have a choice.

Do you want to live a nice, long, active, healthy, vibrant life – up until the day you simply pass away from natural causes?

Can you imagine a life full of energy, mental clarity, health, and youthfulness? Playing with your grandchildren and great grandchildren with the same vim and vigor you did with your own children? Looking AND feeling decades younger? Traveling the world, hiking, kayaking, boating, biking and more without the typical hindrances associated with “old age”?

Or do you want to spend the last years of your shortened life suffering, languishing in a “nursing home”, gazing out a window, not recognizing your loved ones, medicated to keep you docile – until you die of some dreaded disease?

You do have a choice.

The simplest, most cost effective, and powerful way to reverse the affects of aging, repair damage in your body, and dramatically increase your health and vitality now and for your future is using Royal Velvet / PURE.

It is NOT a drug. It is not a theory. It is not expensive. It has no harmful side effects.

It IS the most powerful anti-aging product in the world. And it has a plethora of other MAJOR benefits besides slowing down and REVERSING the aging process.

As stated before, Royal Velvet / PURE can do the following amazing things:

Promotes thicker denser bones. Helps prevent fractures.

Boosts brain functions. Better memory. Increased intelligence. Mental clarity.

Balances your blood sugar levels.

Improves energy, endurance, stamina.

Provides deeper more restful sleep. Feel vitalized upon awakening.

Promotes a youthful appearance. Fewer wrinkles. Smoother skin. Healthy glow to your skin. Fewer blemishes and age spots.

Boosts thicker hair. Less grey.

Improves body tone. Fat loss for overweight people. Thicker denser muscles. Healthy weight GAIN for people who are too thin.

Promotes a better mood. More joy – sense of well-being. Handle stress better.

Improves hearing, eyesight, taste, smell, and feeling.

Balances and improves your bodily functions.

Promotes improved cardiac function – all around.

Decreases aches and pains, stiffness and immobility.

Helps prevention of injuries through stronger bodily functions.

Improves hand eye coordination (better golf game, tennis, knitting, sewing…)

And more…!

What more could a person want from a nutrient dense natural food supplement?

Why do the world’s elite, movie stars, athletes (in the NFL, NBA, Olympics, etc.), scientists, medical experts, and best selling authors use Royal Velvet / PURE?

For all the reasons that are listed on this website and especially on this FAQ page. It is simple really. Our product is superior in every other way to all other antler velvet products.

Who benefits most from taking Royal Velvet / PURE?

Athletes, senior citizens, those with illnesses, students, ANY athlete who may get or has had a concussion, overweight and obese people, stressed and sad people, people that are extremely fatigued and tired all the time, people in pain, people that do not sleep well, people with current or past injuries, people with addictions (drugs, sugar, nicotine, junk food…), women with hormone problems, men with libido problems, and teenagers with behavioral problems.

Does Royal Velvet / PURE work for everyone?

Royal Velvet / PURE DOES “work” for everyone. How so, you may ask? You are human. All human beings have tens of trillions of cells that desperately need the nutrients found in Royal Velvet / PURE. Human cells all have a FUNCTION. Everything that goes right OR wrong with your health takes place at the cellular level. Cells only need to “consume” three things: oxygen, water, and nutrients. The major cause of all the things that go wrong is a lack of these three things. When it comes to nutrients, there are dozens of reasons why most people are malnourished, including you. The main ones are: The food you eat is simply nutrient deficient. You do not absorb nutrients efficiently due to a clogged or toxic colon. You use supplements made with synthetic vitamins or nutrients that cause malnutrition. Royal Velvet / PURE bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and delivers 97%+ of the nutrients into your blood stream in less than one minute. These include every amino acid, an abundant amount of minerals, glycosaminoglycans, fatty acids, phospholipids, proteoglyclans, nucleotides, and the amazing growth factors – just to name a few. Can you get this many naturally occurring nutrients into your body through any other source – even a hundred other sources? Answer: you can’t. Take $10,000 and purchase all the health food, the supplements, the herbs – anything – and try to duplicate the benefits of just two bottles of Royal Velvet / PURE per month. You can’t even come close. It is impossible.

Are there any contraindications (reasons why people should NOT) use Royal Velvet / PURE?

Are there any contraindications (reasons why people should NOT) use Royal Velvet / PURE?

No. After tens of thousands of customers and more than a dozen years, we have not heard of any viable information, research, or antidotal information that would cause us to believe that Royal Velvet / PURE can harm someone. But like ANYTHING, should you have a “reaction” of any kind after first using the product, we would recommend that you immediately discontinue using the product and contact us with your concerns.

We do recommend that people start taking Royal Velvet / PURE at the age of 13 or so. We have, however, received reports from parents who have successfully given it to their small children for various ailments. But as we have stated many times on this website, we can NOT tell you the truth about any diseases that Royal Velvet / PURE can prevent, treat, or cure due to strict government regulations.

Why is your antler velvet product superior to all others on the market?

FACT: We have the most balanced, potent, and highest quality antler velvet product in the world – that is 97% absorbable. No other company in the world can make this claim. Period.

You must first understand some basic things about the antler velvet industry.

The very rare and powerful nutrients found in antler velvet are only found in certain areas of the antler. The growth factors are only found in the tips of the antler while it is still growing, in the “velvet” stage. The “tips” constitute less than one tenth of one percent of the entire volume or weight of the antler. This means, for all intents and purposes, at least 99% of ALL the antler velvet sold in the entire world does NOT contain the growth factors as well as  some other unique nutrients that ARE found in Royal Velvet / PURE.

As of 2012, a kilo (2.2 pounds) of “regular” antler velvet sells for anywhere between $30 and $50. This is what 99% of all antler velvet products are made from. Sure there are some amino acids and minerals in their products, but NOT the miraculous nutrients that dramatically change your life! OUR raw material is a special extract utilizing the knowledge that our supplier in New Zealand has for getting the highest quality, organic, natural antler velvet EXTRACT that contains the growth factors and other unique life-enhancing nutrients in a PROPER BALANCE for the benefit of the human body. Our cost per kilo is thousands of dollars! Hundreds of TIMES the cost of “regular” antler velvet.

So when you see products being sold for $19.95 to $39.95 or so, you KNOW what you are getting. These products may only cost $1 to $2 to make! They charge you  HUGE markups to make you think they are the more expensive antler velvet products! What a ripoff! Charging $35 for a product that costs $1 to $2!

Note: There ARE a couple of reputable antler velvet companies that sell capsules or powders. They conduct their businesses honestly and do not lie or exaggerate claims. However admirable this is, their products still fall remarkably short of the benefits and efficacy of Royal Velvet / PURE.

There are a few, very few (count them on one hand – few) companies that are willing to PAY or have access to purchase the extract that has the unique nutrients in it (the ones that are responsible for reverse aging, repairing damage, and doing the most miraculous things in the body). However, most companies are satisfied with purchasing the cheapest antler velvet and slapping a label on their bottle, selling it for the cheapest price possible. You know: the typical way of doing things!

We are not.

Why are many people being fooled into purchasing inferior (or harmful) antler velvet products?

We have “checked out” our competition, spending a small fortune and a huge amount of time analyzing their products.

1. It is a known scientific fact that most powdered or encapsulated antler velvet products either do NOT contain or allow for absorption into your body, the rare, but delicate, growth factors and many other life-giving nutrients found in antler velvet. So ALL antler velvet products that are pills, powders, capsules, liquids, OR sprays that you SWALLOW in order to absorb the nutrients, are simply void of the benefits that our product has.

2. It is a known scientific fact that any powdered or encapsulated antler velvet product that perchance would contain some of the unique nutrients that are less delicate, are mostly destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract and NOT absorbed into the body.

3. Some companies that had been selling antler velvet products for decades changed their advertising after our original product, Royal Velvet / PURE, came out (over a decade ago). They now make similar claims about using the “upper portion” or tips of the antler. We have analyzed many of these products and have found that they do not contain growth factors or the other rare and vital nutrients that are found in the “tips” but are in Royal Velvet / PURE .

For example: When IMMORTAL VELVET tm came out in 2009 claiming to have 100 micrograms (which is 100,000 nanograms) of IGF-1 in each bottle of their product, (at a cost of $150 per bottle,) we instantly knew this was a scam. We found out that their product did not have 100,000 nanograms of IGF-1 per bottle as stated in their literature or on their website. IMMORTAL VELVET only had 930 nanograms of IGF-1 in the entire bottle, NOT the 100,000 nanograms that they purported multiple times on their websites, videos, and literature.

For a realistic look at the difference between 930 and 100,000 visualize these two things:

Would you rather have $930 or $100,000? What could you buy with each amount?

A town of 930 people and a city with a population of 100,000. Quite a difference, huh?

Get the picture?

Not only that, but IMMORTAL VELVET placed their antler velvet material in a solution of ethanol. Ethanol has been scientifically proven to be THE reason that babies are born mentally retarded or with birth defects in women who drink alcohol during pregnancy – DUE TO THE FACT THAT ETHANOL INHIBITS GROWTH FACTORS in the fetus from properly forming the central nervous system!

IMMORTAL VELVET’s raw material is placed in a 52% ethanol solution! If you used their product you would be putting ethanol directly into your mouth! Ethanol is a proven toxic substance to the liver and other organs in your body! They told you to hold the solution in your mouth for two minutes to allow for “absorption”. The ethanol simply “ate away” the lining of your mouth! Yuck!

We could write volumes on the subject about all the scams that are out there trying to get YOU to purchase their worthless or harmful “antler velvet’ products. But we hope that you will believe that we are telling you the truth so you do not get burned in more ways than one, from these other antler velvet companies.

The authors of the top selling books on antler velvet recommend to the people who contact them to use our product, as they know from research, experience, and feedback from their associates that Royal Velvet / PURE is the most potent and efficacious antler velvet product in the world.

Periodically we do get emails and phones call asking us why “Brand X” antler velvet has a doctor or some other “official” sounding spokesperson promoting their product. Just remember, any company can PAY someone to promote their product. This is a VERY standard marketing procedure. Just look at TV commercials and magazine ads. All the famous movie stars, professional athletes, famous doctors and scientists that promote Royal Velvet / PURE are not paid a penny in royalties, salaries, compensation, or any other form of financial enumeration.

Some companies claim their product is “sublingual”. A few companies are now even claiming that they have a “liposomal” antler velvet product, but in all reality, theirs is only “sublingual”. It is NOT liposomal. MOST antler velvet nutrients can NOT be absorbed “sublingually”, whereas all of them can enter the blood stream within 40 seconds through a true liposomal delivery system, as used in Royal Velvet / PURE.


7. Since our supplier purchases only the highest quality organic antler velvet tips in New Zealand, other companies have limited access to this rare, nutrient-rich, and VERY expensive raw material UNLESS they are willing to purchase it at the going rate (thousands of U.S. dollars per kilo – not $30 per kilo for the “other antler velvet parts”). The bottom of the velvet sticks are sold throughout the world to antler velvet companies and represents more than 99% of the volume of antler velvet products sold worldwide. Of course these products are VOID of the dozens and dozens of rare and life-changing nutrients that are found only in the tips of antler velvet and subsequently also in Royal Velvet / PURE.

NOTE: North American antler velvet companies refuse to mention Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) that infects herds of elk and deer in North America. This is obviously a “touchy” subject for them because they can offer no assurance that their product is safe from CWD, because no North American antler velvet company tests every one of their elk for CWD.

FYI: People have died from consuming CWD infected deer and elk in the North America.

No CWD is found in New Zealand herds.

The bottom line is this:

As we stated earlier: We have the most balanced, potent, and highest quality antler velvet product in the world – that is 97% absorbable. No other company in the world can make this claim. Period.

Sadly, nearly all other antler velvet products fall into one of three categories, that are all grossly ineffective or dangerous or both.

1) 99% of all antler velvet products do not contain the growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and many other of the most important and life-changing nutrients. It is these very life-changing nutrients that ARE the reason anyone would want to take an antler velvet product.

2) Powders, capsules, tablets, liquids, or any antler velvet product that you swallow for absorption will NOT allow you to receive the most important nutrients that do the dramatic things in your body. Sublinguals are not much better.

3) The product is manipulated to produce unnaturally high amounts of IGF-1 that causes a dangerous imbalance of growth factors, increasing cancer cells in the body. BEWARE of ANY antler velvet product that uses the name IGF-1 on its label!

Are you going to run out of Royal Velvet / PURE?

Are you going to run out of Royal Velvet / PURE?

Yes, we are. And sooner than you think. We call that day APEX. Because the raw material that makes up our extract is a finite supply in very small amounts that meet the natural, healthy, clean, and potent standards we have, there can only be approximately 500,000 bottles of Royal Velvet / PURE made monthly from the entire supply available to us.

This may sound like a lot of bottles of Royal Velvet / PURE, but let’s put this into perspective. Sixteen million people in the United States alone take Vitamin C every day. Sixty-five million Americans take a multi-vitamin. At two bottles per person per month, only 250,000 people can possibly purchase Royal Velvet / PURE.

Think of how many senior citizens there are that don’t want to suffer in their old age. Tens of millions.

Think of how many athletes there are that want the best competitive edge they can get with the least amount of effort (4 minutes a day) and for the least amount of money (less than $100 per month). Tens of millions.

Think about all the overweight or obese people that are suffering due to their condition? Tens of millions.

Or any number of people with “illnesses” that we cannot mention, that would do anything to get their hands on two bottles of Royal Velvet / PURE per month. Tens of millions.

So yes, we will reach APEX soon. When that happens, people will be placed on a waiting list system, waiting for people to “drop off” the AUTOSHIP program.  Only people on AUTOSHIP will be assured of their monthly product.

Are the deer harmed in harvesting the antler velvet?


New Zealand is the only country in the world, through its government regulatory bodies that can ensure:

The deer roam freely in wide open fields, eating only organic plants.

The deer are not harmed in the velveting.

Velveting is done by certified specially trained people.

Velveting is properly timed for the highest concentration of nutrients.

Velveting is done in standardized hygienic conditions.

Velveting is overseen by animal rights activists and veterinarians.

Royal Velvet / PURE antler comes only from New Zealand.

Continue reading for greater details about the cruelty-free process.

NOTE: Not all antler velvet products are processed cruelty-free.

Our antler velvet extract is a special proprietary formula. We guarantee that our extract is cruelty-free.

Male stags of the cervid family (elk, deer, reindeer, moose, and caribou) grow antlers every year. They also fall off and then regrow every year, year after year. There is one purpose for the antlers, and that is to use as a fighting weapon for dominance over other male stags to ‘win’ the honor of copulating with the harem of females.

The ‘losers’ of these violent battles are many times seriously injured and some even die. Removing the antlers months before they would naturally drop off helps prevent these battles from ever occurring.

Our extract comes only from New Zealand, which has the highest and strictest standards in the world for velvetting. It is a huge industry for New Zealand, which is one of the reasons they are so committed to the health and longevity of the stags, including the antler removal process. Healthy, strong, disease-free and injury-free animals aid in the success of their business.

Anyone who has been to New Zealand understands the prominence of the natural, healthy lifestyle that permeates their society on all levels. This culture of natural health and harmony with nature extends to the velvetting industry.

When the antlers are removed, a licensed and specially trained veterinarian does the procedure, under the watchful eye of animal rights and welfare activists. The National Velvetting Standards Body of New Zealand has a very strict code of practice that makes sure the stags are not harmed in any way and the entire procedure is accomplished quickly, painlessly, and with optimal sanitary conditions.

This code was developed by animal welfare organizations in conjunction with the New Zealand Veterinarian Association.

Once the antlers have been removed, the stags are immediately released into open range areas free from stags with antlers, for their safety.

No New Zealand red deer are killed or harmed in the velvet collecting process in which we get our special proprietary extract.

Blake Sawyer, the founder and CEO of our company, as well as the one who developed and formulated Royal Velvet PURE, has not eaten a 4-legged animal in over 40 years. He equates using antler velvet with wearing wool clothing. Sheep continue to grow wool, year after year. Using that wool as a source of clothing benefits humans. Taking good care of the sheep due to its human benefits is a natural thing. The deer stags grow antlers, year after year. Taking good care of the stags is a natural thing, as they benefit us in ways that no other living creature, animal or plant, anywhere in the world, can.

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