Royal Velvet is the most life-changing supplement in the world. Nothing else comes close. Period.

One of its scores of benefits is its ability to actually reverse the aging process. Not just slow it down, but actually reverse the effects of aging.i This translates into a more youthful appearance (fewer wrinkles, glowing skin, thicker and more natural-colored hair, body shape more like an hour glass than a pear, and so much more.) It also translates into a more youthful brain (memory, mental clarity, better sleep, improved eye-sight, smell, taste, hearing…) As well as overall health, vitality, energy, and preventing health problems and issues.

Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet PURE are the ONLY natural food source products in the world that reverse the aging process without any negative or harmful side effects, as well as providing the user with scores of additional benefits. 

Here are the 10 main reasons Royal Velvet Reverses The Aging Process, allowing you to look and feel more youthful and live a higher quality of life much, much longer than without it.

NOTE: The loss (death) of cells, cellular function, and cellular replication is a major cause of age-related death.

  1. Slower cellular division – cells last longer. Chinese studies found that human cells lasted 3 to 4 times longer (300%-400%) when supplied the nutrients found in Royal Velvet. Note: Most cells can only divide a maximum of 40 to 50 times before ‘dying’.
  2. Stem cells – replaces non-functioning cells. Royal Velvet produces a phenomenal amount of stem cells in the bone marrow, allowing for them to replace old, weak, and non-functioning cells.
  3. Slows Telomere shortening – what most scientists believe is the cause of aging.
  4. HGH – IGF-1 – youthful growth hormone balance. Royal Velvet is famous for bringing your hormone levels back to a youthful state.ii
  5. Cellular function – supplies proper kinds and amounts of nutrients. Cells need nutrients to 1) live, 2) function, 3) replicate. Royal Velvet contains more kinds and amounts of natural, useable, nutrients than any other supplement in the world.
  6. Slower heart rate – improved cardiovascular function. It is a scientifically proven fact that animals live much longer with a slower heart rate.
  7. Optimal Brain function – your brain controls everything. Billions of communication signals are sent and received from the brain every minute. Royal Velvet is the most brain enhancing food supplement in the world.
  8. Antioxidant protection. Research over the past 50 years has proven that free-radicals are a major cause of disease and aging. Royal Velvet has dozens of powerful antioxidants that quench free-radicals.
  9. Energy (mental and physical) protects from a sedentary lifestyle. Scores of independent studies show that the more sedentary (sitting, not moving around) a person is, the more likely they are to die years, even decades prematurely.
  10. Dramatic improvement in weight/fat loss. Studies show 60% of all disease that causes premature deaths are related to obesity and being overweight.

Note: See our website for documentation and information on all ten of the anti-aging benefits of Royal Velvet.

Thousands of people have testified to these remarkable age-reversing benefits, including the dramatic improvement in their quality of life as well as considerable overall financial savings. You may read a small amount of these testimonies here.

i Dr. James Forsythe, Anti-Aging Cures – Life Changing Secrets To Reverse The Effects Of Aging  (Vanguard Press, 2011),  38-41

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