• Easy, Quick, Simple. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and it takes less than 4 minutes to take 3 sprays of Royal Velvet 4 times per day. Many seniors place one bottle on their nightstand, taking 3 sprays before bedtime (the MOST IMPORTANT TIME), and 3 sprays when they wake up. Out of sight, out of mind. Insight, well it’s easy to remember. The other bottle of Royal Velvet is placed strategically where they will see it and use it two (or more) times throughout the day. Also, I guess we don’t think about it, but many tell us not having to swallow pills is a big deal for them. They love that.
  • Real refreshing sleep. Sleep issues are a major problem with seniors and they certainly have let us know that this is one of the things they are most happy about when taking Royal Velvet. Deep sleep, replenishing sleep, restful sleep. It is also one of the most received compliments we get from all age groups.
  • It works! We know that Royal Velvet is the most nutrient-dense food supplement in the world. So, receiving over 1,000 nutrients with 95+% absorption every day is nothing short of a miracle. And seniors feel and see the difference right away. Many tell us they have tried ‘everything’ for their aches and pains, sleep problems, memory loss, stiffness and immobility, fatigue, leathery and damaged skin, poor eyesight or hearing… and for the first time ever, they see real, noticeable results. And because it works for everyone due to the liposomal delivery system, everyone receives benefits!
  • The Fear Goes Away. Unless you ARE old, you do not understand the fear of getting old. Seniors tell us they have less fear and more confidence and hope about their future. Less depression about their age and more joy. These statements usually are shared over the phone, when placing an order, with our staff. Some of us have even gotten teary-eyed over how emotional our senior clients get when relating this positive change in their lives.
  • Better memory, mental clarity. We are all forgetful at times. But as our brains age, this becomes a major issue. Since Royal Velvet provides the brain with every building material needed to replenish the nearly two dozen neurotransmitters, seniors see dramatic improvement in all things related to the brain: memory, mental clarity, sense of well-being, handling stress, creativity, speech…
  • Saving money. Younger people simply do not worry about this as much as seniors do. Because statistically, seniors spend 10 times more money on prescriptions and OTCs than millennials or 20 and 30 year olds. Many are retired, so they are on fixed incomes. A huge number of our senior clients tell us they are off most, if not all of their meds, saving themselves a small fortune. Couple this with savings on not needing other less effective supplements, fewer medical bills, fewer cravings for junk food, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and other addictive substances – and we can see why our seniors tell us they are financially happy as well.
  • Looking younger. We are ALL self-conscious about our looks. As we age, we certainly lose much of our attractiveness. That is why the anti-aging cosmetic business is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s also why people are willing to go under the knife and take a chance that plastic surgery MAY make them look younger. We get it. The fact that so many of our clients look years to decades younger than before they started taking Royal Velvet is a testimony to what Royal Velvet is doing inside as well as outside their body. Smoother, softer skin; fewer wrinkles; thicker, more natural looking hair (less grey); less body fat, dramatic weight loss (more of an hour-glass shape than pear shape)… Yes, we’ve literally received thousands of “I look so much younger” testimonies.
  • Feeling younger. Feeling younger means different things to different people. The personal stories our seniors tell us vary widely. They include the usual things, like youthful energy, being able to do things that haven’t done in a long time (knitting, playing golf, gardening, playing cards, bridge, bingo, board games, traveling, tennis, swimming, kayaking, etc.) Then there are VERY personal testimonies (we would not share with anyone, well, because they are SO personal) that include improved libido (and all that entails), negative personality traits that ‘just went away’, saved marriages, suicidal thoughts under control, rage/anger management problems that disappear, hormonal issues abated, and so many more. We love to hear the personal stories that seniors share with us about their remarkable transformations to a more youthful, happy, content person. It makes us feel as though we are making a major difference in their lives.
  • Improved eyesight, hearing, taste, smell… We couldn’t begin to count the testimonies of seniors who think they are losing their eyesight because they can’t see as well through their glasses, go to the optometrist and discover that their eyesight has gotten so much better that the eye doctor had to substantially lower their prescription. Testimonies from spouses and adult children abound with improved hearing of their senior loved-ones. Though rarer than improved eyesight and hearing, are the seniors who are ecstatic about improved taste and/or smell. Making eating a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Overall health issues ‘fixed’. Due to government rules, we are not allowed to tell you about Royal Velvet’s ability to deal with various diseases and illnesses. The government has even arrested and thrown in jail health supplement business owners who share testimonies of their clients receiving health benefits related to disease. So, we delicately tell you that testimonies abound with our senior clients with a plethora of health problems. Understanding how Royal Velvet works with the human body, makes it easier to comprehends its ability to aid in bone density, cardiac function, balanced blood sugar levels, brain chemistry, respiratory issues, aches and pain, stiffness and immobility, stability, strength, stamina, weight problems, the immune system, and more.

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