Most seniors want to enjoy their golden years, whether they are retired, semi-retired, or continue to work. Because of deteriorating health, stiffness, immobility, pain, weakness, mental decline, vision loss, and other age-related issues, seniors fear losing the ability to do the things they love and are looking forward to the most.

The following are the 12 most mentioned activities that seniors taking Royal Velvet have reported back to us being able to enjoy again, after they had to stop doing them due to various age-related problems. We explain briefly WHY this happens and how Royal Velvet can effectively help you have a quality senior life.

Golf, Tennis, Sports – Losing the ability to play your favorite sport can be devastating. Royal Velvet improves hand-eye-coordination, strength, stamina, endurance, repairs damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, and muscles. We have many top senior professional golfers who swear by Royal Velvet.

Playing Cards – Card games are a favorite pastime of many seniors. We’ve had many testimonies from clients who said they had to give up playing cards because they could no longer shuffle or deal the cards, some even being able to hold them ‘correctly’. Royal Velvet is quite famous for reversing stiffness, hand pain, immobility, and hand weakness.

Knitting, Crocheting – In the same way Royal Velvet users that play card games see dramatic improvements in their hands, the same can be said for those who enjoy knitting, needlework, crocheting and sewing.

Travel – Probably the number one thing that seniors who retire really look forward to doing. But if they suffer from any number of ailments, from general fatigue to joint pain that makes it difficult to walk, traveling can be more than difficult. The number one benefit from using Royal Velvet is increased energy, as well as youthful vim and vigor. Strengthening muscles and bone density is also an added bonus.

Swimming – Those who enjoy their pool, or adult swim center, for either exercise or fun, have told us that Royal Velvet has given them a new lease on life to participate in something that had become very difficult to impossible for them before they found Royal Velvet.

Yoga, exercise, working out, walking, bike riding – Like all sports that use your body to propel you through the activity; improved energy, stamina, endurance, as well as increased confidence to be more stable and secure in footing and motion, makes the activity more enjoyable as well as doable.

Dancing – Though many think that this is dying out, many seniors still enjoy dancing. We actually have professional dancers in their 60’s who report to us that they would never still be dancing without the benefits that Royal Velvet gives them.

Gardening – Personally, one of my favorite pastimes, I couldn’t imagine having to give up gardening due to any age-related problems. Plants, flowers, vegetable gardens, and exotics are a worthy and fruitful hobby. All the scores of benefits Royal Velvet provides truly enhances this rewarding diversion.

Crafts – Which includes a variety of activities, from scrapbooking to pottery to art…and on and on. Like many activities that rely gripping and holding things, crafts can be extraordinarily difficult without the full function and painless use of your hands. Also with improved eyesight in many of our seniors, this makes detail work much easier and more accurate.

Playing with grandchildren – We’ve had the tear-jerking testimonies of grandparents who were not allowed to play with their grandkids due to various failures of their health, only to be restored with the continual use of Royal Velvet. Who want to be robbed of one of the greatest joys in life?

Driving – OK, honestly we’ve only had a few seniors tell us that there were able to get their drivers license back (or their children gave them back the car keys!), but Royal Velvet’s ability to reverse the aging process, especially with the brain and hand-eye (foot-eye) coordination, we can see that this most likely extends the ability of seniors to be able to drive.

Living alone – Last, but not least. Believe it or not, we have seniors in their 90’s and older, who say that they are still living on their own, knowing that Royal Velvet has given them this freedom. Not in assisted living, but literally on their own. The freedom, independence, savings, and joy this provides is priceless.

Using Royal Velvet consistently and properly can alleviate many of the greatest fears that you have in having to give up doing the things that you are most fond of.

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